Polo Park HOA Meeting
Monday September 11, 2023
Meeting was called to Order by Board President Karen Grant. Board
members present Karen Grant, Tony Mahoney, Elise Hersey, Linda
Sheerin and Jeff Polston. Absent were Ken Dobosz and Shirley
Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation were led by Karen Grant.
A motion to accept minutes of previous meeting was made by Elise,
second by Tony. Passed.
Treasurers report given by Linda included:
HOA: Balance forward $227,473.57, Deposits $19,965.75,
Expenses $37,359.57. Balance $210,079.75
Golf: Balance forward $6964.29. Deposits $12,026.88. Expenses
$9,208.71. Balance $9782.46.
Activities: Balance forward $48617.69. Deposits $747.50. Expenses
$372.69. Balance $48,992.50.
Reserves: Balance forward $368,411.71. Deposits $117.41.
Expenses $$11,318.36. Balance $357,210.76.
Linda also reported there will be an audit committee made up of three
members consisting of Polo Park residents.
Budget meeting dates have been posted in each clubhouse.
Questions concerning budget should be written down with name and
phone number and left in the Boulevard Clubhouse.
Golf Committee: Proshop manager position is open. Interested
persons should complete application in proshop.
Building and Grounds: Reported estimate for painting of Challenger
Clubhouse $13292.00. Matter tabled until Mike Mackey returns.
Polo Park HOA Meeting
ARC: ARC and Rules and Regulations committees working together.
Reminded residents reminded to complete ARC form and submit to
Rules and Regulations: Four letters of noncompliance have been sent.
Pool Committee: New Pool chairman is Marianne Helmprecht.
CERTS: Dick Hamilton reported CERTS meets monthly, 3rd Tuesday
of month 7 pm at BCH. In process of getting radios to communicate
with other committees during emergencies. Also looking into getting
CAP: Has been an increase of car breakins in area. Reminder to lock
cars and don’t leave valuables in cars. Also working on scheduling a
Ladies self-defense class. Also another reminder to be aware when
visiting Posner Park and advised women not to visit alone, especially
at night. Be aware of scams. Don’t give out personal information.
OLD Business
Pool resurfacing: Jeff reported getting 5 quotes. Most complete quote
from Halmark Pools for $61,000. Motion to accept bid. Second and
passed. Two representatives from company were present to answer
No parking signs for Kensington in process with County. Suggested
also getting a No Outlet sign to put at entrance of park.
Polo Park HOA Meeting
Marsha is working on getting quotes for projector for powerpoint
presentations in CCH.
Doggie Bags: Motion made to discontinue providing doggie poop
bags. Second and passed. Howie B. has been supplying bags and
will continue until his supply is depleted.
Projects to be funded by end of year (2023) are posted on bulletin
boards in each clubhouse.
Any activity wanting to be posted in Polo Park Press and calendar
needs to be submitted by the 20th of previous month.
Robin Harris will be taking over voting in January.
Dick Hamilton from Rules and Regs committee gave overview of
process for letters of violation.
Sam Harris questioned about pool work time table. Response stated
proper insurance and permits need to be secured before any work can
Tom Brosius is cooking for winter Bingo. Board gave permission to
serve 4:00-5:30 and park residents are invited to come eat but must
vacate by start of Bingo.
With no other questions or comments Karen closed Meeting.