NOVEMBER 8, 2021

ATTENDANCE:  Karen Grant, Shirley Hosner, Tom Becker, Vinny McCrave, Dave Murosky, Gary Mohler, Recording Secretary Pat Hess

ABSENT:  Jim Glynn


PRAYER:  Richard Ackerman

SECRETARY REPORT:  Tom Becker read a copy of the minutes from the previous meeting held on October 10th, the new drainage pipe around the Challenger Clubhouse is working well.  There is more drainage pipe to be done.  The Challenger pool needs repair on the coating again.  Tom will get in touch with the people that did the work and get it taken care of.  Both clubhouses had leaks during the last heavy rain we had.  Would like to bring in an Engineer to inspect both roofs and see what is needed to correct the situation.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS:  Tom Becker reported that the pond located up in the front of the park has had a broken fountain for quite a while.  Parts have been ordered to repair this.  The seals on the exercise room are leaking badly.  Tom will be getting bids on getting this taken care of.

TREASURER REPORT:  Shirley Hosner reported the following:

Balance as of September 30, 2021                                              $155,342.68

Deposits for October                                                                        $  40,815.16

Invoices Paid for October                                                   $  26,586.73

Bank Balance October 31, 2021                                                   $169,571.11


Money Market                                                                                   $194,174.21

CD’s                                                                                       $151,159.01

Bank Balance October 31, 2021                                                   $345,333.22




Balance Forward September                                                         $  20,253.40

Deposits for October                                                                        $    2,806.01

Invoices Paid for October                                                   $       593.20

Bank Balance October                                                                    $ 20,495.21

Shirley asked that we accept the report as given.  Vinny McCrave mad a motion to accept the report and Dave Murosky second.  The report was approved by all.

Shirley then reported that there are a number of homeowners that are delinquent in their HOA dues, and that if dues are not paid and up-to-date, you will not be able to vote at the upcoming election.

Wednesday at 1:00 PM. The budget meeting will be held at Challenger clubhouse.  All activities and items must be presented at that time to be placed in the budget for the coming year.

The insurance on the buildings has increased by 5% over last year.  Deductible on appraisal value of $1,177,746.00 .  Shirley asked for a motion to approve the payment of the insurance.  Motion made by Shirley and second by Karen Grant and approved by the board.

Golf Course:  Dave Murosky reported the following:

Balance forward September 30, 2021                                          $    6,678.79

Deposits                                                                                $  15,908.17

Invoices paid                                                                         $    8,044.97

Bank Balance October 31, 2021                                                   $  14,541.99

Dave said that the golf course is in need of sand and six skids of sod.  There is no money to purchase these items.  He said a couple pallets of sod have been paid for by donations from different people, possibly there are others that might like to donate and pay for a pallet.  The sand will be paid for by activity money donated.  The Pro Shop has had two people retire from working there.  Tammy Mayberry and Dave Cochran.  The positions were posted and after interviews we have hired two new people to work in the Pro Shop.  Sand Diehl and Pat Hess will be working at the Pro Shop.  Jim Rose also has assumed the position of Lead Ranger and he replaces Jim Godec.  Anyone interested in rangering, please get in touch with Jim Rose, he is looking for volunteers.




There are two upcoming events.  Our “Sunday, Fun Day” is back with Corty and Ginnie Thompson heading this up.  This will start on November 16th.  There is a sign-up sheet at the Pro Shop.

Dave Hess will be having a “Putting Tournament” which will be held on December 8th.   The money from this fundraiser will go to pay for the new flags out front of the park.  

Silver tees will be placed on holes 2, 3 and 4, as well as hole one.  These are to be used by the women who are over 80 years of age and older.  A load of sand will be ordered for our sand traps and for dressing the greens.  Dave Murosky asked for a motion to purchase the items listed above.  Gary Mohler made the motion and Karen Grant second it.  This was approved by the board members.

Upcoming Activities:

11/16              Sunday Fun Day

11/20              Craft Show

11/25              Thanksgiving

12/04              Christmas Movie Night

12/08              Putting Tournament

12/08              Budget Meeting

12/19              Caroling in the Park

12/20              Magic Show

12/24              Christmas program at Challenger Clubhouse

12/25              CHRISTMAS

Rules and Regulations:  Gary Mohler reported that the park in all looks good.  The house at 165 Jackson has been cleaned up.  The county gave us permission to do this. We  are almost there with the new version of the Rules and Regulations. Karen and  I will be meeting with the attorney and discuss what needs to be done now.  A specific window of time for the community to vote on them once it is ready, so please come to the HOA meeting to cast your vote.  We are hoping that just changes can be made without having to reprint the whole thing.






CERTS:  Dick Hamilton is hoping to have more people join Certs.  They meet at 6:30 PM at the Blvd. clubhouse.  For more information please get in touch with Dick Hamilton.

CAPS:  Karen Grant reported that Marcia Rockinson, Committee Chairperson, said that the police were at the last meeting and that they are again having problems with Bimini Bay, which is the area next door to us on the other side of the wall.  There are people from Bimini Bay jumping the wall and coming into the park.  Please make sure if you live along there that you lock your doors and lock up your items.

Presidents Report:  Karen Grant said that LuAnn Debosz has taken over the Webpage for us.  This is a big undertaking so please be patient.  Tax appointments can be made on the computer now.  You must make an appointment to get your taxes done. Starting February 2, 2022, you can use the following website for appointments:    Poloparktaxaid.com.  Dog station was moved a while ago, however, there are people still walking their dogs in the Veteran’s Memorial area and around the Blvd. Clubhouse.  They are not picking up after their pets.  It is left there for someone to step in or smell.  PLEASE, take your dogs up to the park and PLEASE pick up after them.

165 Jackson Park will be going up for auction possibly next month.  We will be notified as there are several people interested in this property.

Meals on Wheels is now available in the park.  Also, our own food pantry which is run by Linda Fern and Lynda Poteracki.  If anyone knows of anyone that is in need of this service  please get in touch with either Linda Fern or Lynda Poteracki for information.  Ken Debosz is selling raffle tickets for $20.  The winners will receive a full year of HOA dues paid.  There will be two winners.

Charlie Pierson said they will be having three horseshoe tournaments coming up.  The first on will be on 12/17/21 and then in January and March.  Anyone wanting to help out would be appreciated.

Jerry Braden said the “winter games” will be played.  The schedule should be in the newsletter this next month. 

Karen Grant was questioned about an audit again.  She said this would be asked about when she meets with the attorney on Monday and that she will come back with the information after the meeting with the attorney.

Karen made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  This was second by Tom Becker and meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Recording Secretary Pat Hess