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08 MAY 2023

Perry Gibson explains wireless microphone usage for audience concerns.

Call to order:  7:04pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation – Richard Ackerman

Board members present (6) Ken, Shirley, Karen, Tony, Michael, Jeff (Howie was on vacation)

Thanks given to Perry Gibson for his work.

Secretary report – accepted minutes from last minutes

Treasurer’s report – accepted – Shirley presented. HOA $239,836.98  Reserves $401,242.44

Activities report – accepted

Attorney has $11,880.00 past dues.   Two quarters past due $3,348.00 will go to attorney if not paid by end of May.  40 homes not current $7,075

Bingo last Tuesday of May, summer bingo starts first Tuesday of June. Summer bingo volunteers needed.   Veterans – May 29th flag raising with Boy Scouts, Memorial Day.  Sam Harris is president of Veterans.   4th July flag raising, CCH picnic  with hot dogs, beans, snowcones, please sign up at BCH or CCH  Sept 11 (9/11) flag raising.  Calendar for summer will continue, give to Geri at BCH clubhouse.

Karen announces - Laurie Wares will handle information letter to hold summer activities.  Will post sign up sheets BCH, CCH for volunteers.

Volunteers needed to pass out rules/regs to members who don’t have them

Golf report – accepted  Balance $24,671.31

New rates Dec 2023 non-resident Golf rates 9 holes $15 walking, 18 holes walking $22.  Sold tractor for $2,000.00  No smoking patio and front posted now.  Golf dinner dance March 16 2024 food to be decided later. # 6 cart path roots issue Oscar bid $1,800.00 repairs.   Tee boxes closed to allow grass growth.




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Building & Grounds presented by Tony – move to forward the bid to paint CCH exterior, 3 bids, licenses, liability insurance, Most responsive and lowest bid.  Workers Comp insurance listed as N/A. Need to verify.  Concern if painting the entire CCH necessary, money might be used elsewhere.  Motion pulled due to no Workers Comp.  No set time yet by company available to do the work.  Request to table the motion.  Motion is withdrawn for painting due to workers comp.  concern regarding if vote is for Board or community.  It is for Board.  Concern BCH roof will be done by Imperial Roofing, contract signed, will be this month.

Rules & Regulations report – accepted    concerns regarding solicitation, make person aware no solicitation allowed, regarding new homeowners have knowledge the park is 55+.  Welcome package currently provided.  New owners will be meeting and signing for rules & regs.  Need new Chair for Welcome committee.  When new chair is determined, a form letter will be drawn up for signatures and orientation outline finalized for new residents.  Concern – knowledge to homeowners prior to purchase.  HOA has no bearing/standing until official homeowner.  Owner can sign/acknowledge at closing, when check written.  Real Estate law, anyone can buy property, however, must be over 55 to live in our community. Some agents give buyers information prior to closing, excellent job by realtor, but not required. Concern that 80% must be over 55, per law, there are exceptions. Letters regarding property upkeep and age concerns, owners that rent list being drawn up, new form (Jim Rose created) requests owners information and renters information.

Architectural Review report   accepted    Tony is the arbitrator for ARC and homeowner. Thanks Rules and Regs and ARC committees for their hard work.

CAPS information reported by Karen    Golf cart drivers must be 16 years of age to drive on County roads, please obey speed limits, stop signs and signal at turns.  CAPS members can volunteer at Bonnet Springs Park in Lakeland.  CAPS cannot carry weapons. Will be offering another class on avoiding scams.  Keep homes, sheds and cars locked.

CERTS report – accepted   CERTS have been re-invented, more plan to train in Fall.   Jeff Polston to be CERTS liaison  approved.  Jeff will be certified for CERTS. Red Cross replaced smoke alarms that members signed up to receive.  Call Dick Hamilton for smoke detectors if one not received.  Will do smoke detectors again in the Fall. 

Pools report - needs scrubbies for pool tile cleanings, have had some patches worked. Coating of pools to be redone, timeframe undetermined. Concern 3 patches fixed, found more will be fixed by Bruce. Electronic lock will be forthcoming. Pool locking sign up sheet for volunteers so it doesn’t fall on one person.  Response – work order placed in January, Richard did install BCH pool locks.  Concern how often do we need to patch pool, when can pool be resurfaced.  Reserves are available to fix pool without patch, must shut down pool to do it.  Salt water pool is it cost prohibitive?



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Concerns about property owner not following rules & reg and/or ARC.  Shouting occurred. Audience  spoke out to halt speaker.  Karen called for order.  Audience – questions and issues were addressed.  Over time limit, speaker asked and granted more time. Audience complained, shouting occurred.  Ran over the granted time.  Petition discussed.   (Karen) No shouting allowed.  Jeff left for dinner engagement.

Tony ARC request was done when discovered owner had not adhered to proper procedures. A Rules & Reg letter was sent as a remedy. Ask audience to disregard rumors of issues not in front of the board.

Ken reminder in January, Four board member seats will be open

Karen spoke, not all of members have to agree, everyone has right to opinions, meeting needs to move forward. Will not allow anyone to interrupt or yell/shout or Karen will end meeting. Number of residents effected, this meeting is place to speak up, voice opinions in professional manner.     

Tony – excellent solution presented by audience member to share pool lock up.  A signup sheet for locking/unlocking pool is at the table, board will help to make sure pool locked.

Rules/Regs – needs a recording person for the fall HOA meetings, $25 per meeting.

Presidents report: Karen - bag of trash, indicating drinking, found under shuffleboard court bench seat, reported to non-emergency police number.    Suggest that CAPS patrols go up into court areas.  If discover people or items that should not be there, call non-emergency number.  More calls will result in more patrols.  Non-emergency phone number is 863-298-6200 provided by Richard Ackerman.

Karen attempts close the meeting.

Concern can number of realtors entering/working in community be limited.  Tony - cannot limit commerce.

Perry Gibson recommends more solar motion sensor lights.  Perry was asked & agreed to check where current cameras are located.

Audience member offers camera information and will post camera information to social media.         Ken offers a second camera option.

Meeting adjourned. Attendees welcome to refreshments.

Tony – reminded audience to sign up to lock pool