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Homeowners Association Board Meeting

March 13, 2023

Call to order: by Tony 7:04pm  Meeting was adjourned at: 8:50pm

All reports from directors were motioned/seconded/accepted.

Pledge of Allegiance and prayer

Polk County officer:  combat auto theft, fill out owner form, decal identifies ownership if car driven between 1AM – 5AM decal will make police aware, pulls over and allow officer to determine not stolen. No charge. Alert Polk APP activates emergency alerts, weather, rabid animal and more, only for 3-5 miles around residence.  Medical emergency forms and Vials of Life offered at meeting.  Polk county 51 year crime low, highest crime auto theft.

Secretary report by Michael motioned/seconded/accepted

Treasurers report by Howie, HOA residents outstanding dues $18k motioned/seconded/accepted

Presidents report  Karen absent

General Activities report plus additional information regarding Veterans Committee information reported by Shirley motioned/seconded/accepted

   Veterans Committee will provide help to fellow veterans that have problems with dues and medical issues.                     

   Veterans committee, working with Howie and Sam they will provide names of Veterans to allow Shirley to send out letter to inform Veterans help is available. 

Golf Committee report by Ken motioned/seconded/accepted  

     More Golf Committee information will be introduced later in this meeting.               

Building & Grounds report by Howie motioned/seconded/accepted

    Swamp, residents backing up to swamp asked not to dump yard trash into swamp.  Instead take it forward where Polk County will pick it up.  The more brush dumped into the swamp the less water swamp can take without water rising.


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Building & Grounds, continued

    Painting of storage container on compound be painted by Al Roberts for $400, paint is provided. Money and action was motioned/seconded/accepted

   Roads/drainage Polk County will be looking/working swales in front of homes now to late summer.

   Volunteers worked on caulking pickle ball court cracks.

Architectural Review Committee report by Tony motioned/seconded/accepted

    Tony read and defined, Rule 17-A-G

    Color choices are available at Boulevard Clubhouse. Please submit a color swatch with homeowner request.  ARC review and approval process is 7-10 days.

    If homeowner paints home/drive same color does not have to go through ARC.  If homeowner wants to submit information it is their choice.

    Appeal for residents to attend committee meetings.

Rules & Regulations report by Michael motioned/seconded/accepted

    When non-compliant notices are received, if questions, please call Michael.

    If someone notices a non-compliant issue, please report to Michael, he will investigate, if possible document issue with day, time and description of issue. (Do not take photo’s.) 

   Please do not leave anonymous messages, cannot respond to messages without contact info.

    More volunteers needed to do write ups on non-compliance.

Pools Report by Jeff motioned/seconded/accepted by majority  Shirley objected 

      All pool gates must open outward.

      Soon installing magnetic low voltage gates. 

      Jeff is aware of several painters in community and requesting bids for assistance with pool painting, paint will be provided. Latex caulk removal and replacement followed by painting.

    Picnic tables have been removed to protect against the climbing over fence and entry to pool.

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CAPS has no liaison, this is not a report:   

    Marcia reminds residents to lock home & car doors and not leave anything in cars.

    Old Business:

Ken - Piedmont park block party March 25, 2023, free, BYOB, chairs, all welcome. PIPPS providing hotdogs, etc $6. Karaoke, cornhole, etc. Please park vehicles only one side of street. If rain it will be at Challenger Clubhouse.

Barry Gibson - The PA system wall rack is mounted, equipment (excepting wireless) done.  Awaiting information from Polk County if low voltage permit required or not, no response at this time.    

Sam/Veteran’s - Flag pole outfront $579 for adjustable pole, light, American Flag and Marine Flag are being provided.

Sam/Veterans Committee will not be providing Medical equipment. Board will also not provide medical equipment.

Marcia - SaludVIP medical staff lunch & learn event 1-3pm March 29th. for those over age 65, only 70 can sign up on sheet.

New Business:

Items introduced from community open discussion and/or Board members.

Compound woodshop, if compound is open the key will be signed out at Boulevard Clubhouse, free use for residents.  If compound is closed, check with a Director for key access

Summer bingo will have a separate committee. No Polk county bingo license required.  motioned/seconded/accepted  The two bingo’s expressed desire to be separate entities, due to difficulties co-ordinating.  The members of the two committees do not share same members. This request was motioned/seconded/accepted 

Tom questioned Bingo license allowing 2 entities.  Tony explained research done, some other counties have Bingo License requirements, Polk County does not.

Rules & Regulations information from Tony they have left the attorney’s and are now at the printers and will be mailed to residents.


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Rules & Regulations regarding non-compliance will now have teeth.  If no fines were used then the letters to homeowners are as good as written in crayon, without teeth/fines, why bother to send letters at all.  Polo Park can send community to clean up properties and charge homeowner for the work or place a lein on the property. Certified letters notifing non-compliant homes, a right of remedy notification. Ability to assess a fine, clean up gives teeth to Rules & Regulations.  Michael and Tony working together and will be respectful to owners.

CERTS will be under Building & Grounds with Howie.  motioned/seconded/accepted

CERTS report by Linda & Dick: AED/CPR training offered to all park members.  Rescue fire will do 2 training sessions. CERTS will  have cards for windows. Certs is working with American Red Cross regarding new programs, will meet every month, 3rd Tuesday, 7pm.  Everyone welcome. Working on program to install smoke detectors. Please contact Dick.

Ken of Golf Committee discussed $2000 bushhog purchase. motioned/seconded/accepted

  In leiu of cement/concrete roadbase, best to use limestone placement by #3 green Port a potty information/bid from Oscar $800.  motioned/seconded/accepted

Shirley – general activities committee – made a motion regarding rental fees.

     The fees & deposit required for use of Challenger clubhouse, reserve amount for kitchen equipment replacement, passed 2x then rescinded 2x and after numerous questions from community about fees, defining how many hours of use correspond to cost/fee.

  Motion is currently tabled for further discussion and clarification regarding use, costs, reserve amount from clubhouse, who pays for what and why and if chapel will incur any charges, request definition of private parties means residents of Polo Park or outside private parties. Will outside private parties be allowed to rent asset and at what rate. Who will determine how clean is clean, will there be a checklist for all to view? Sally addressed that all discussion centered on only Challenger Clubhouse, while Boulevard Clubhouse has smaller space and a kitchen also. What will fees be for the Boulevard Clubhouse? If event is open to all residents (not restricted) will there be a fee? Questions raised regarding how many hours of use allowed, responses varied, some allow set up night before, some 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. Also does rate change based on number of hours of use including previous night set up?  

     Jeff stated only received this motion at the meeting, he needs time to review and examine State Statues on rental of HOA assests. Motion was tabled. Ken agreed with Jeff a workshop is needed. Workshop will welcome all to attend.

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 Shirley requests do not drop/donate your home appliances to clubhouses, call Barb, to determine need.

Community question on how to enforce State Law no smoking requirement by Clubhouse entrances.  Non emergency Polk county signage at pool. 

Two homes up for auction are 404 Tivoli March 23 and May 1 at 522 Tivoli

Marcia announced SaludVIP medical staff:  Free Lunch & Learn, max 70 people, 65 and older, March 29, 2023.  Challenger Clubhouse sign up sheet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm