JANUARY 9, 2023


Attendees: Karen Grant, Jim Glynn, Tony Mahoney, Shirley Hosner, Tom Becker, Vinny McCrave and Ken Dobosz.


The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by Board President, Karen Grant.


Pledge of Allegiance by all those attending.

Invocation by Marcia Rockinson.


Richard Ackerman, Monitor of the Election Committee thanked those who volunteered for all their hard work and time.


Paul Helmstetter made a motion to accept the 2023 Budgets, Jim Hiss seconded and all but 8 residents who were in attendance were in favor of accepting the budgets as presented. 2023 Budget approved.


Judy Berube made a motion to approve a report of cash receipts and expenditures, a compiled financial statement, or a reviewed financial statement in lieu of an audited financial statement. Peggy Massaro seconded the motion. Most of those present were in favor with only a few opposed. Motion is passed.


Richard Ackerman suggested we continue with meeting. Tony Mahoney read last year’s minutes from 1/10/2022. Judy Berube made a motion to accept the minutes, Don Berube seconded and all were in favor. Passed.


Pat Bailey wanted to know if the office is closed, who do we contact in case of emergency. We can contact any board member; they will be able to get information after hours.


In regard to E-Blast, there are people working on it. This will enable emails to go out to each house if signed up to receive. Alerts only, there is no other communication.


A reminder to slow down and stop at all stop signs. Maybe look into purchasing flashing stop signs.


There are two houses at the moment with public auction signs, waiting to go to court. It is a long process. Once it comes up, it will be mentioned at a HOA meeting and told to residents. Anyone can bid on house(s). Two other homes are in the process.


For those new to the community, after this meeting, the new board will start new meeting with the new board.


Karen Grant asked the board members who will no longer be with board to meet with new board members to help with transition. Bring them up to speed.


Jim Valentine thanked the present Board for all their hard work and time they put into their positions.


Sue Meier gave the results of the election:  Howard Biichle, Jeffrey Polston and Mike Valdez.


Richard Ackerman motioned that the newly appointed people be on the Board, Jim Rose seconded the motion and all were in favor.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm




The meeting was called to order 8:10pm by Karen Grant and adjourned to elect officers.


All members of the new board took their positions accordingly:


President –                                          Karen Grant


Vice-President -                                  Tony Mahoney


Secretary -                                           Mike Valdez


Treasurer -                                          Howard Biichle


Assistant Treasurer -                           Shirley Hosner


The Board Members that were replaced were the following:


President & CAP -                               Karen Grant (no change)


Vice-President & ARC                         Tony Mahoney (who replaced Jim Glynn)


Secretary & Rules and Regs                Mike Valdez (who replaced Tony Mahoney)


Treasurer & Buildings & Grounds      Howard Biichle (Treasurer – replacing Shirley Hosner, Buildings & Grounds – replacing Tom Becker)


Golf -                                                   Ken Dobosz (no change)


Activities (New) -                                Shirley Hosner (who will also be Assistant Treasurer)


Pools (New) -                                      Jeff Polston


Things were changed up a bit, Activities and Pools were added. Shirley has graciously accepted

to help the new treasurer learn how and what is needed for the position.


CERTS is not a committee due to not being certified, maybe in a little while we can get it back.


Buildings and Grounds and Pools were separated due to the overwhelming needs of both.


New Business: Tony Mahoney apologized to Sally Franklin from last month’s meeting, Sally



Karen Grant asked the board to make a motion to purchase a new stove for the Challenger

Clubhouse. The new stove will be purchased from Imperial. It’s a 60” electric range, 6 burners,

right hand griddle, two ovens, a shelf and a back. This stove was a recommendation from

Buildings & Grounds. The cost will be $14,013.67, which all the money has been donated from

activities. Shirley Hosner made a motion to purchase the stove, Tony Mahoney seconded the

motion and all were in favor. It should take between 6 – 8 weeks for delivery, but hopefully



One of the heaters is down in the Challenger pool. Tom Becker gave paperwork to Jeff Polston.

The cost to repair is $4,700.00 (approximately). The heaters have a 15 – 20-year life span. The repair only has a 1-year warranty. New heaters costs between $11,000.00 to $12,000.00 with 7-year warranty. We do have $5,500.00 towards the cost. Just a reminder, that these heaters do run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Right now the other 3 pool heaters are retaining the heat level. Tony Mahoney made a motion to purchase a new heater, Shirley Hosner seconded and all were in favor.  Passed/Approved to purchase a new pool heater.


Mike Valdez made a motion to change the meeting night to Wednesday due to his work

schedule. Karen asked it to be tabled at this time.


Upcoming activities:  Luncheon 1/11, Coffee and Chat Tuesday’s, Hot Dogs Tuesday’s, Cookie

Social 1/15, Business Expo 1/30, Canada Day 1/14, Taxes at Boulevard Clubhouse start 2/1 and

end 4/12, Golf Pro 1/11, Intro to Golf 1/12, Winter Games 1/24 last day to sign up, PPIPS Dance

1/21 SOLD OUT.


Karen Grant made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05pm, Tony Mahoney seconded the motion and all were in favor.


Meeting Adjourned.




Respectfully submitted,




Robin Husted, Recording Secretary