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HOA BOARD MEETING/MEMBERS††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† February 12, 2024

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Attendance:Daniel Basham (President), Mike Wright (Vice-President), Linda Bailey (Secretary), Marianne Helmprecht (Treasurer), Jeff Polston (Director), Linda Sherrin (Director), Scott Rapp (Director)

Absent:no one

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Daniel Basham

Prayer was led by Richard Ackerman

Secretary Report by Linda Bailey

Motion to accept the minutes from January 8, 2024 by Linda Bailey; seconded by Scott Rapp.

Jeff Polston stated that the Polo Park minutes of January 8, 2022 (I believe that Jeff was referring to the January 8, 2024 minutes and not the January 8, 2022 minutes) indicated that Mike Valdez was the secretary, Jeff corrected the minutes by stating that Mike Valdez was not the secretary at that time.Elise Hersey was the secretary and she was not replaced.Shirley Hosner had resigned previously and she was replaced.Daniel Basham asked if there were any other comments that Jeff wished to make.Daniel then asked the board if there were any other additions or corrections to the January 8, 2024 meeting. All those in favor of accepting the report say Aye, and those opposed say Nay.Daniel told the meeting that the report was accepted.†††

Treasurer Report by Marianne Helmprecht

Homeowners Association

Bank balance brought forward is $134,249.50

Deposits for the month of January $256,731.64

Invoices paid $29,334.20

Bank balance as of January 31, 2024 $360.713.42


We have $1,000.00 in Fifth/Third Bank

Reserves are $193,010.38

Money market $360,713.42

CD (Certificate of Deposit) $151,189.40

Total $705,913.20

Polo Park Activities brought forward is $20,107.99

Deposits were $18,964.43

Invoices were $3,110.50

Bank Balance for the Activities is $31,700.69

Total Activity money $51,191.36


Polo Park Golf Course Balance forward†† $13,362.03

Deposits for January $22,494.60

After deposits $36,126.63

Invoices paid $20,028.53

Bank Balance as of January 31, 2024 $16,098.10


Jeff Polston questioned what bank the CD money of $151,189.40 was in.Marianne answered that the CD money was in the Truist Bank.Jeff asked for the location of the Truist Bank.Marianne gave the location as Berry Town.As there were sounds of disgruntlement from the residents, Jeff took it upon himself to tell the residents that we need to know where our money is and if you, the residents, didnít want to know where our money was, then donít participate.This is a meeting for the Board.You, the residents, are here to listen.Marianne added for everybodyís knowledge that the CD came due February 2 and made over $6.300.00 in interest.Jeff asked where that interest was shown in the Treasurerís report.Marianne told him that the report was as of January 31 and that the CD came due February 2.Then Jeff asked for the total of all the money that Polo Park owned as of January 31.Marianne said that she didnít have that.

Daniel asked if there were any additions or corrections to the Treasurers report.Linda Sherrin reported that Marianne and her realized that the Treasurers report for the January balances were a little off.Linda indicated that Marianne and her were going to work on the Treasurerís report during February and get it to where it should be.She commented that the balances should show exactly what we, Polo Park, have left to spend.At this moment the reports arenítí showing that.Marianne and Linda Sherrin will work on it during February to set things right.Jeff indicated that he was not willing to accept the Treasurerís Report until it was corrected.Marianne indicated that she would correct but it wonít be today.She will put it out on Polo Park Facebook.Linda Sherrin proposed that they (Linda Sherrin and Marianne) would correct the Treasurerís report and present it at the next board meeting.The report would be tabled and presented at the next meeting.Linda Bailey seconded the proposal.Daniel stated that there is no discussion on a tabled motion and asked to those in favor to respond by saying Aye.The tabled motion was accepted.

The Activities Reports

Golf Committee Report by Mike Wright

Our memberships are fine.We have had 4 days less than we were open last month due to weather.Our revenue was just slightly down from last year, again, that was all weather related.Right now, the course was very busy.Paul Curtis, the pro shop manager has resigned due to health reasons.Robin, the former pro shop manager, will be acting manager until a replacement for Paul is found.We have a couple of other people that we are going to be interviewing and then we will have an HR meeting to approve them soon.Everything is covered.Linda Sherrin asked about the rules that were handed out of the Polo Park Golf Course.Mike explained that the rules were for everyone to peruse during the next month and that the rules would be for discussion at the next Board meeting.

Buildings and Grounds by Scott Rapp

Scott indicated that there were two new items to take care.He then asked if the items should be discussed now or at the end of the meeting as new business.Daniel suggested that the items wait until the end of the meeting.Other than the new items to be discussed, Scott had nothing further to report.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) by Linda Sherrin

ARC is working hard to try to keep this community looking good.Linda was asked by ARC to explain the Fining Committee.First thing the members of ARC do is drive around the park in teams of twos to determine if there is a house that required some maintenance (i.e., washing, painting, etc.).A friendly reminder is sent out to remind the resident of the upkeep needed for their home.The resident has 30 days to correct the problem.Lauri Wares puts her name and number on the letter so that the resident can contact her if there are questions concerning the content of the letter.After the 30 days, the letter goes to the Board.The Board then decides whether or not to send it to the Fining Committee.The Fining Committee is not the Board.It is the Fining Committee who then decides if the Board should send a letter to the resident asking them to rectify the situation.If the decision from the Fining Committee is to send a letter to the resident, the President of the Board, in this case Daniel Basham, will write a letter to the resident giving them another 30 days to correct the situation before the fining schedule begins at $50.00 per day.There will also a hearing where the resident can represent him/herself to the Fining Committee.The outcome of the hearing will determine if the resident is fined or not and when the fines will commence.There is help available for those who are having difficulty correcting the problem.Contact Laurie Wares for any help that may be needed.If residents in the park have a complaint about the upkeep of a home in the park, they have two methods to report the need.A resident can either call Laurie Wares about the situation or a resident can write a note to the Rules and Reg committee about the problem.They, the Rules and Reg Committee, will decide if a letter is warranted and will ensure that one goes to the resident through the right channels and in a timely fashion.

Linda Sherrin made a motion to prohibit the future planting of bamboo to be added to the current amended Restated Rules and Regulations under the appearance and maintenance of property.The planting of bamboo on any lot is prohibited. This motion was seconded by Mike Wright.Linda asked for any discussion.Jeff stated that this topic was not on the agenda and that the Board had not had a chance to talk about it.He asked that Linda would give the Board a chance to confer within itself and get their opinions before taking a vote on it.Linda then suggested that someone make a motion to table it.There was a discussion of how difficult bamboo was to get rid of and how invasive it could be.†† Jeff made the motion to table the vote on prohibiting the planting of bamboo until he, Jeff, had an opportunity to discuss the issue further with the members of the Board.Daniel asked for a second to the motion.As no one seconded the motion, the motion died for lack of a second. Linda asked if we could vote on the motion as it was presented earlier.Mike remained as having seconded the motion.Daniel asked if there was any more discussion.Jeff, once again, stated that this topic was not on the agenda.He continued to state he felt it was normal procedure to have it included in the agenda so that the members of the Board could have a look at it and vote on it at the next meeting.Daniel asked for those in favor of prohibiting the planting of bamboo say Aye.All but Jeff Polston stated Aye.Those opposed to say so.Only Jeff Polston was opposed.

The ARC committee submitted and approved 26 forms.Linda thanked everyone for their hard work, especially the ARC.

Rules and Regulations Committee Report by Linda Sherrin

Linda began by saying that this committee, also, works very hard.This committee sent out 16 letters.Five of those homeowners fulfilled the requirements stated in their letters.Driveways are on hold because of the ongoing swale project but that will be on hold until we get our community back together.There are 14 driveways on hold.

Jeff interjected his wish to return to the motion of bamboo.Daniel stated that the issue of tabling the motion of bamboo had failed and that the meeting had moved on.

Pool Committee Report by Marianne Helmprecht

The company working on the pool are waiting on tile.Tile had to reordered as the original tile that was ordered was not the right size.Marianne had to pick out a new tile and order it.Once it arrived, the project should move along smoothly to its completion.

Jeff added that he was in contact with Ryan from Hallmark Pools and Spas in regards to the pool and that the tile was in and would be coming to pool that day.

Both Marianne and Daniel thanked Jeff for his information.

CERTS Committee by Linda Bailey

Two projects going on right now.There is a CPR class that will be coming.Hopefully people will sign up for that course in either clubhouse.Also, there are smoke alarms being offered for our homes.Once again, sign up in either clubhouse and someone will come and install them for you.

CAP Committee Report by Linda Bailey

Marcia Rockinson is on vacation this week.There are new members that Marcia wanted us to know about.They are Rich and Mickey Curtis, Dorothy Santomarco and Larry Wilson.The flock cameras.We are still waiting on the county for the permits for the cameras.That project will finish as soon as they are permitted.

VETS Committee by Daniel Basham

There are 2 additional benches that have been ordered.There is also some reconfiguring of the border around the stones on the Polo Park side of the area.If anyone needs a flag, the vets have flags for sale.Daniel asked if Sam had anything else to add to that. Sam stated that a resident wanted to put a bench in memorial for her husband and that her mother, also, wanted a bench in memorial for her husband.The Memorial has been reconfigured to accommodate the two new benches.The dedication ceremony will be on March 22 at the Boulevard Clubhouse at the memorial at 10:00 a.m.Sam asked if there were any questions.There were none.

Old Business

Daniel asked Marianne if there was anything more to add concerning the pool.She answered that there was not.

Daniel asked Jeff if he had anything to add about the pool.Jeff said he did not.

Daniel mentioned an item under Old Business on blinds.Who is knowledgeable on that.Linda Bailey said that she was.The blinds have been ordered and should arrive within a week or two, three weeks at the most.They are going to do something a little different at the kitchen.Instead of what is there now (verticals), it will be a drop-down screen.A description of the blinds ensued.

Keys for the compound.Mike Wright asked if there was anyone with a key for the compound.There are 15 spots for motor home and trailers and we even have a pontoon boat in there.People pay monthly and canít get in after 2 p.m. or on the weekends.If someone with an item in the compound who is paying the monthly fee wants a key to the compound, they may have one with a refundable.deposit of $25.00.Mike asked if the board was in agreement.Jeff stated that this was not something that was discussed before the meeting. He had something to add.Mike said that it had been discussed at another meeting.Daniel informed Jeff that it had been discussed in the December meeting.Jeff agreed that it had been discussed in the December meeting. He offered that he had the answer for everyone.That in December the Board had talked about getting a realtorís lock box which has a combination on the outside.This would allow those wanting to enter the compound to enter the combination to obtain the key, use the key to open the gate and then place the key back in the lock box once they have finished their business.Jeff stated that only one key and a realtorís lock box was all that was needed.Mike agreed that would be another good solution.He asked the others on the Board what their opinion was.Mike liked the idea of the realtor lock box.Linda Sherrin thought it would save money.Mike added that it would save money.Perry suggested that the key could be dropped in the sand or lost in another way or taken home in error.Perry had another solution which would be to have a combination lock.Mike suggested that there are 15 people who would have the combination.Linda Sherrin commented that those 15 owners would likely be careful protecting the key or combination as the safety of their possession directly affects them.Linda continued to suggest that the lock box would be a good place to start.The lock box code can always be changed.Linda Bailey asked where a lock box could be obtained.Jeff answered that Lowes sells them.Jeff added that they could be purchased on Amazon.Linda Sherrin made a motion for the purchase of a lock box for the compound; Jeff Polston seconded the motion.Daniel than asked for the members of the Board to vote in favor by saying Aye.Those opposed say so.All members of the Board were in favor.The motion was carried.

The swales update.Scott Rapp from Buildings and Grounds gave us an update.The County is in the park and already marking where they are going to dig up the swales in the front yards.There was a meeting with the county officials and we were assured that the digging would be minimally invasive.All they are trying to do is get the ground back to where the land was when the manufactured homes went in. The markings indicated that the digging would only be about 2 feet wide.They will try not to disrupt anyoneís concrete driveway.If there is pipe currently running under a driveway and it is in good condition, they will leave it alone.However, if the pipe has collapsed, or if the driveway was raised without a pipe, they will have to pick up some of the concrete.They will come back in and replace the concrete. However, they will not paint the concrete.Itís up to us to plant grass.They recommended that we use seed or allow the grass to grow in on its own.If we use sod then we will need to dig down to allow for the sod root mat which could be about 2 inches.If you place sod back in the swale without digging down, the county will come back in and dig it up again and take your new sod.Scott recommends to wait until the stakes are put in your yard before you decide what needs to be changed.If there is a tree in the way, they will remove it.They will not ball it up.Daniel commented that he thought that it was the homeownerís responsibility to remove any trees.Scott said that if the homeowner wants to save a tree, then that it is the homeowners responsibility to take that tree out.If left, the county will dig it up and remove it.This is our first step to getting the storm water under control.This is a free step for us to do.This may not be the only step we need to take.Mike added that he was told today if a big storm was coming, the ponds would be pumped out by residents of Polo Park two days before it arrived to allow for more water to flow into the ponds.Mike continued to report that we are looking into getting a diesel pump available that will allow us to pump 1,000 gallons per minute.It would be placed at the end of the second tee.Thatís where the pond drains out and it doesnít drain very well.A 6 inch pipe would be placed there and that would go through the pump and then 100 to 150 feet over a natural damn.Permission must come from Swiftmudd (Southwest Florida Water Management District) before this action is taken.If Swiftmud does not allow for that, then Swiftmud must come up with another plan.

The budget.Marianne stated that budget will remain as is, that is last yearís budget.It is currently $60.00 per month.The first quarter beginning in January with a payment due of $200.00 and $180.00 for the next 3 quarters.Some people have only paid $180.00 for the first quarter and need to pay the remaining $20.00.Linda Sherrin added that the board was tasked to present the new budget on April 1.Our documents say that we can use the old budget until the new budget is presented.It is not to be let go for a year.We have to have a budget committee and we have to have meetings to come up with a 2024 budget.The good news is that we know what the actual 2023 budget and expenses were and we can add the CPI (Consumer Price Index) of 3%.Meetings need to be scheduled and a budget needs to be prepared and presented.Jeff adds that not only did the membership give us that directive, we are also held accountable by our covenants and our covenants say that we must have a budget.Marianne answered that she will create a new budget and we will have meetings.Jeff added that we will have to send out notices 14 days in advance of that meeting to all members.Marianne agreed that she would do that.Linda continued that it had to be a special meeting.

Articles of Incorporation, Covenants and Restrictions and By-laws.Linda Sherrin will speak on that.She stated that we met with the lawyer via a phone conversation and the lawyer presented us with a way to collect money when people moved into the park.We were going to call it a fee.We discussed $1,000.00 originally.The Board decided that it would be $2,000.00, Polo Park East has $3,000.00 and some parks have as much as $5,000.00. to move into a park.The lawyer would incorporate it into our Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Polo Park.The 2020 board presented these fees to the lawyer in 2020.They were never filed.Thatís why we are working under the 2013 Restated Covenants and Restrictions.The lawyer added the new owner fees to the Restated Covenants and Restrictions.When Linda looked through the Restated Covenants and Restrictions, she saw some areas that changes need to be made but it is her suggestion that we pass the amended Restated Covenants and Restrictions, and start collecting the new owner fee of $2,000.00. We can, then, go through the Restated Covenants and Restrictions and make the corrections and changes as we agree upon.It can, then, be brought forward to the residents and voted upon.Linda proposed that both the new budget and the amended Restated Covenants and Restrictions be discussed and voted upon at the same meeting.Jeff added that the proposed amended transfer fee Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Polo Park had been given to the Board.It was sent in an email and everyone had had a chance to look at it.Jeff moved that we accept the proposed changes of the Covenants and Restrictions and that the transfer fee as it is registered in Article 30 is accepted by this Board and that we move on for a public vote within our community.Marianne Helmprecht seconded the motion.Mike would like to ask as people have expressed to him their concern that if someone moved from one property to another within the park, will they be subject to a transfer fee.†† Jeff answered that the transfer fee is attached to the property.The buyer will pay the transfer fee.That is not to say that the seller couldnít negotiate and pay that fee for the buyer.Even if they moved from one spot in the park to another, they will be required to pay the fee.Motion is passed unanimously.

New Business

Parking at the Boulevard Clubhouse.Scott Rapp spoke on that.Currently golf carts are running up into the bricks of the Veterans Memorial in front of the Boulevard Clubhouse.The proposal is to place parking stops along the edge of the Memorials bricks.As some of the carts are a little longer than the available area, we are going to paint a line the depth of a golf cart with a yellow line.There is plenty of room for cars to pass by.Sam continued by explaining that the lines that will be seen are the same as what can be seen in parking lots.There will still be about 13 feet for a car to drive by.A normal roadway is only 12 feet wide so there will be plenty of room.The yellow lines are there just to designate where the drive is and where the parking for the golf carts is.Jeff asked Scott if he worked with the Buildings and Grounds Committee on this project and if the Buildings and Grounds Committee wanted him to bring it to the Board for approval.Linda Sherrin asked where the money was coming from for this project.Sam answered that the parking stops have already been purchased by the Veterans Committee and now it was just a matter of Mike Mackey and Dan Baumer to install them.There should be no further cost involved.Linda thanked the Veterans Committee.Scott then made a motion to approve the installation of the parking stops and the painting of the lines.Jeff seconded the motion.Daniel asked for a vote.The motion passed.

Daniel invited Perry to talk about the repurposing of the old sound system.Last week or the week before Perry removed the old speaker system that was in the Challenger Clubhouse.Some painting will be required where the speakers were as it seems the last time the room was painted, it was painted around the speakers.The equipment being removed is 4 speakers, 4 mounts, the snake, the rack that had the old analog mixer in it as well as the digital EQ as well as the other accessories that went with the sound system.Itís up to the park to decide what they want to do with it.If they have a use for it to remount it somewhere else, there are some limitations to it.They are not outdoor speakers, the amplifiers are still good, the mixers still work though its kind of antiquated but it could be utilized somewhere else.Or you could decide to sell it.Some of the equipment does have some value and if the decision is to sell some of the stuff, Perryís company many be interested in buying it.Daniel asked if there was also a CD/VHS player recorder available.Perry answered that he didnít know if it would record but that it was just sitting on top of the rack and hadnít been used in a year.Jeff asked if it was too big for the Boulevard Clubhouse.Perry answered that it could be installed there.Itís not that big of a room.If it was mounted outside under a canopy it might last for a while.Jeff then asked Mike if it would be useful for the patio outside the golf pro shop.Mike did not feel the patio needed a sound system.Jeff then suggested that Perry make an offer for the equipment.Perry answered that he was not interested in all of it.Linda then restated that the option was to let Perry buy some of the equipment.She suggested to let Perry pick the parts he would like and pay the value of those pieces.Jeff proposed that as Perry worked hard to keep the sound system working that the Board should just give him the pieces that he wanted.Mike seconded the motion.Jeff then altered his motion to gifting the pieces of the sound system to Perry and Perry can decide what he would like to pay for those pieces.Perry then indicated that his company would be interested in the digital EQ and there are 2 switch microphones with the boxes for the microphones.Perry then offered $200.00 for that equipment.Perry suggested that the remaining pieces of equipment be donated to a church for its youth program.Jeff motioned that the Board accept Perryís offer of $200.00 and put him in charge of dispersing the remaining pieces of equipment.Perry suggested that he would make a list of the residual pieces of equipment and give that list to all the Board members.Anyone interested in the pieces should contact a Board member to make arrangements to pick it up.Jeff restated the motion.Daniel asked for a vote.The motion was passed.Perry asked to add an addendum to the motion that just passed.For the Superbowl, Perry had placed a 125 foot coaxial cable to allow for the projection of the game.Perry asked if the park wanted the cable to remain for future uses. If so, Perry would deduct the cost of the cable, $55.00, off of the $200.00 for the equipment and would run the cable up through the ceiling.Mike motioned that the Board accept Perrys suggestion.Linda Sherrin seconded the motion.Daniel asked for a vote.All were in favor.

Daniel made a request for a resident or two that would serve as Sergeant at Arms at the Board meetings.Also, one that would serve as a time keeper for our meetings.Robert had volunteered for tonightís time keeper.Jeff asked about the purpose of the Sergeant at Arms.Jeff then stated that the Board would also need a Parliamentarian.Daniel then asked to add to the list a Parliamentarian.Anyone interested in these positions should contact Daniel Basham.††

Daniel asked if anyone has anything to add to Activity Events.

Linda wanted to remind everyone that there is coffee and donuts every Tuesday morning at 7:15 to 8:30 at the Challenger Clubhouse. And from 8:30 to 9:30 every Thursday morning at the Boulevard Clubhouse there is coffee and chat and a little breakfast.This Wednesday, the 15th, there is a luncheon being held in the Challenger Clubhouse and that chili and loaded potato will be served.

This week is busy with the Winter Games with a golf scramble on Tuesday morning, lag putting and closest to the pin on Wednesday morning, Thursday we have 8-ball, Friday we have hillbilly toss and euchre, and Saturday we have Texas Hold ĎEm.Linda Bailey has been requested to ask people to arrive a half hour early to allow for checking in.

Wednesdayís until April we have AARP taxes.

Monday, March 4th we have the CPR class.

Wednesday, March 6th we have Barnyard Bingo, doors open at 5:30 and it costs $12.00.

Sunday, March 10th we have the Strawberry Social that we are selling tickets for at $7.00, at the door it will cost $9.00.

Wednesday, March 20 itís the smoke alarms.

Linda Bailey had two more requests.There were containers in the clubhouse.If they are yours, please take them.If not, they will be thrown away.There is also a table that has free bread.Please take the bread home with you.

Marion Geake announced that there will be 180 pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, chips and drinks for Tuesday lunch.

Pat Bailey said that on Tuesday February 19th, CERTS would be teaching tourniquets and care, and a brown bag lunch would be included.You bring the brown bag and they fill it.This is offered to everyone.

Jim has tickets for St. Pattyís Day on March 16th.The tickets are $15.00 and the event is being put on by the golf committee.There will be a band, Tim Hargis.

Linda Sherrin wanted to share a few fun facts.Currently we are doing census.Trying to match our records with the census.Currently 62% of the homes have turned in their census.Thatís 443 homes out of 718 homes.The median age is 71.So far 19 persons are renters in 17 homes.Of the 443 homes only 255 have golf carts.We have 219 snowbirds.Twelve people decided not tell us their age.There are 22 people over the age of 90.There are 179 people in their 80ís.There are 295 people in their 70ís.There are 173 people in the 60ís.There are 42 people between 55 and 60.We have 19 persons under 55 living here.Linda will update these numbers as more census come in.

Linda Williamson announced that the Social Committee is looking for help with the Strawberry Social on Saturday, March 9 at about 9:00 a.m.There will be sign up sheets in both clubhouses.Please wear a hat, bring a cutting board, knife and a masher with you.

Barb Woodrich thanked all the bakers that set things up for the bake sale.

Mel Geurts added that there will be a Canada Day party.Its going to be a pot luck.There will be some Canadian dishes but it is not necessary to bring a Canadian dish.We are going to have games. There will be Canadian music playing.There will a DJ for after dinner.We are having a 50/50 draw and baskets.Please sign up in the Challenger Clubhouse.You do not have to be Canadian to come.

Linda Bailey mentioned that Tuesday, February 20th, Care Plus will be here to give out free vegetables at 10:30 a.m.

Laurie Wares commented that she spoke to 2 men from the County that are working their way through the park placing the stakes for the swales.They told her that the dig will not even start until the middle of the end of next month.Just giving people a heads up.

Open Forum

Daniel stated that there will be an open forum for 20 minutes and that each person who wishes to speak will have 3 minutes to state their business.

Bob Oliveira has been trying a key to open the gate to the compound where his RV is stored.He asked when he was going to get the key?Bob stated that sometime earlier Bob had asked Jeff about a key and Jeff told him that he had a pocketful of keys that would open the gate.Bob mentioned that earlier in the meeting the question of who had keys was asked and Jeff said he did not have a key.So, Bob was wondering if Jeff was lying to him before or just now when the question was asked.Bob asked Mike to open the gate and Mike didnít know which key opened the gate. It took Mike 20 minutes until he was able to open the gate.Bob informed everyone that thereís a list on the gate of people with keys but half of them donít have keys as they are no longer on the Board.Bob asked what the problem was for getting a key.He indicated that he has been promised a key for 2 months and still does not have a key.Bob would like a date and a time when he will get the key to open the gate.Mike answered that he would go to Lowes to get the realtor box and have a second key made to his one key for the lock box tomorrow.

Laurie Wares asked when the code will be set and the box placed and when will those people who need to get into the compound be given the code.Mike will try to take care of it tomorrow.He will phone every one needing the code personally.

Dick Treur asked the Board when an engineer will be hired by the board as was decided at the last Board meeting.Scott answered that there are a lot of parts to this question.Mike Mackey who was the lead on the Buildings and Grounds Committee talked to an engineer who would come out and look at our water problem.Mike was unsure whether this engineer was going to cost us money or not.But the Board is going to get in touch with him shortly and report back at the next Board meeting.

An unheard question was asked by a resident.Scott answered that that was 2 questions.The swale project is already in motion.Scott doesnít believe that statues at the end of the driveway will be affected by the work on the swales.There are certain areas that flood badly.Scott said that things were moving in the right direction and Scott hoped to have something to report in the next meeting.

Carol Robert stated that it was her understanding that Tom Becker walked the entire community with someone from the county and there were drawings as well.Carol wanted to know if there were any Board members who had seen those papers or contacted Tom so we could have a short cut through this problem.Richard Ackerman came forward to answer the question.Richard told us that Scott had been accumulating a mountain of information.Richard believed that Scott would get an engineer in to look at the problem as he said he would and that we will have a report by next meeting.Scott has not talked to Tom Becker but he has been looking into it.Its actually the Building and Grounds Committeeís job to find a solution to the water problem and get an engineer in.

Patricia Bailey offered some information about eblasts and that itís a way to send out an email to everyone quickly.Patricia did not think it cost much, if it cost at all.It would allow small messages to go out to everyone quickly.

Dorothy Santamarco had a question about the transfer fee.When does it take effect?If someone is closing tomorrow, do they have to pay the transfer fee?Jeff answered saying no.Donna then asked when it will take place.Jeff answered that it might take effect within the next 28 days.

Ron Baker wondered about a woman who had been appointed to the board.He continued to say that he felt she did a great job but then a new Board came on and got rid of her.Why?Jeff answered that before the new board was elected, the unelected members of the new board voted together to give themselves a position as an officer on the Board.Jeff felt that the question should be directed to the new members of the board.Linda Bailey answered the question by saying that when she got the budget and she was not happy with it.Linda continued to answer that it was not correct and that she felt that she could not vote for someone to do it.Linda Sherrin asked why Linda Bailey hadnít asked her directly.Linda Sherrin had three public meetings.The Board passed the budget.Pat Hess came to her with a question and Ginnie Thomson came to her with a question.In both cases Linda Sherrin corrected the items under question.No one else asked any questions.

Lori Stark had a question regarding the swale project.There is a pole in front of her house today.She would like to know more about what will be happening to her front yard.She had been told that there would be a meeting to discuss what was happening.Daniel told her that there had been a meeting and that he himself had been there.Lori asked what forum the announcement for that meeting took place on.Daniel did not know how the meeting was broadcast.The meeting that the board had a few weeks ago, the county had asked that only the Board members be present.Daniel felt that Scott had relayed what was said at that meeting.

Sam Harris announced that the County had been out to work on the pipes that have been causing a problem with the womenís bathroom in the Challenger Clubhouse.With the changes that were made today, three out of four of the toilets can be flushed at the same time successfully.Tomorrow the fourth will be worked on so that by tomorrow night all four toilets can be flushed together without a problem.

As more than 20 minutes have passed since the beginning of the open forum, Daniel closed the open forum.††

Jim Rose announced that he had all the pictures of the properties.Anyone who wanted to see what was going to happen to their house, all they needed to do was come by his house and see the picture and read what the county was going to do.Jim will help anyone to understand what will be happening to the properties.

Mike Meier had heard that every director had an assignment.Is that true?Daniel answered that not everyone on the board had an assignment.Mike asked why not.Jeff answered that he did not have an assignment because he had not been assigned one yet because the Board had taken the two assignments he had before the election away.Mike Meier asked how long had Jeff been on the board.Jeff answered one year.Marianne spoke up and reminded Jeff that he had declined.Jeff then said he had declined because the four new board members had decided they wanted to do something.Daniel suggested that the arguing stop.Mike Meier suggested that if Jeff had declined an assignment that he was a little negligent.Jeff agreed that he was negligent.

Daniel had nothing for the Presidentís Report.

Daniel then asked for a motion to adjourn.Motion was made by Linda Sherrin; seconded by Scott Rapp.The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.




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Linda Bailey (HOA Secretary)††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Wendy Mudd (Recording Secretary)†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

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