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Homeowners Association Board Meeting

April 10, 2023

Call to order: by Karen             Meeting adjourned: by Karen

Reports from directors were moved/seconded/accepted.

Pledge of Allegiance and prayer

Speech by Ron Peters, regarding his work with VA and offered his assistance for any veterans needing help with VA system.  He would be available after the meeting for questions.

Tony, said phrase will be I move, rather than motion.

Secretary report given, accepted March meeting minutes.

Treasurer report given, accepted.

Outstanding HOA fees $11,287.46 with the lawyer now.  Sending letters out for $6,596 fees due to association.

Activities report given, accepted.

Rose Rybeck will run Summer Bingo. Don & Judy Berube will run Karaoke April 15 and 29 CCH 630-1030. Veteran’s Committee CCH flag pole, light and flag and brick sales sizes 4x8 and 8x8. Flag raising will take place on Memorial Day. Roadhouse made $250 and Lowes Peanuts/Water made $155.  Fraud and Scam by Polk County Officers CCH 2PM Wednesday April 19.

Golf report given, accepted. Year to date golf is $10,000 above last year.

No smoking on patio or out front of clubhouses, no smoking within 20 feet of building, new signs to be posted. Tickets will no longer be sold by Pro Shop, activity committees will sell their own tickets. Netting will be installed by Tee 1 for patio seating safety. Piedmont block party was a success $875 generated by PIPPS & Golf. Marletta successfully acquired a paid membership and a punch card from beginning golf training.  Marletta will do beginner golf training again next year.



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Building and Grounds report, accepted.                              

Kitchen Committee  fees for Clubhouse use.  residents private party at Clubhouses for 6 hours $200.  Each additional hour $100. Cash deposit $200.  Paid 2 days before event. Deposit will be refunded if properly cleaned & temperature reset. $40 quarterly to reserves. To secure rental HOA dues must be current, proof of homeowners insurance if alcohol in use. No commercial rentals per insurance company. Committees will pay weekly if ongoing every week, coffee/donuts pay at the end of season, ladies lunch pay monthly, fee to be 10% of profit up to $40. When reaches $3,000 will transfer to reserve, for kitchen fund purchases of large items… freezers, etc.

Discussion regarding Church service held to same statue.  Answer was yes.

Dishwasher - 3 quotes given for 18” Aventi dishwasher $599 to be purchased and installed, primarily for tableware and utensils.

Audience member - regarding size, 18” fits the space, does dishwasher need to be commercial?  Karen response is no, Health Dept was questioned.

Discussion regarding temperature sufficient to kill E-Coli, answered by community member using Google.  Karen will purchase a temperature guage. Purchase approved. Money donated from different committees.

Audience member not at microphone, wants to know why a director is doing other board member jobs, double checking everyone on board.  No board response.  Response given later by Pools Director.

Compound container painted and new door has been installed. Thanks volunteers. Any new projects submit proposal estimates by October.


ARC report given, approved.  New procedures.  Written standard operating procedure as of March 31, 2021. Any material change to property, please pick up form from and return to Blvd Clubhouse. Not approved by one person, the committee makes decisions. Thanks to committee for bringing forms and process up to date, modernizing it.



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Rules and Regulations report given.

Committee has two new chairs, Carol Roberts, Richard Hamilton.  Next committee meeting at 10am, Blvd Clubhouse Thursday, April 13th. Please join the meeting with thoughts and constructive criticism.                                                                   

Pools report given

Answered audience question regarding, discussion/questions made about other board member reports, pointed out bylaws and restated bylaws board members responsibility to manage affairs of park.

March 21, Dept of Health, inspected Challenger pool, areas where fiberglass needs repair. Assembly of board members with neither Pool Director notified nor invited was discussed.  Removal vote of a director was thought of and discarded. Major items, professional & fast repair of bottom of pool, display of pool activity bands.

Karen – President:

Gary & Rita thanked for organizing AED/CPR training with deputies. Will be more sessions scheduled.  CERTS committee now 10 people certified. CERTS conducting dry run situations. Urged community follow CAPS/Polk officers recommendations to maintain vigilance regarding locking cars, homes, mailboxes shut, garage doors secured. Marcia organizing future situational awareness self defense event.  April 19th fraud/scam events thru Polk County officers. CAPS ice cream social will be held August.

Old business: 

Jeff amending Annual Directors meeting to include:  2022 will not be audited per Accountant, Quarterly HOA assessment fees of $180 plus $20 annual membership fee for 2023, Items were approved.

Shirley was thanked for her work.  It was moved to vote Shirley as Asst. Treasurer and amend to Jan 2023.  Approved.

Audience member at microphone discusses shingles on the Boulevard Clubhouse


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New Business:

Michael - New recording secretary needed. Please approach Michael

Tony – Will be moving forward on Zoom meetings, cannot vote by Zoom. Perry spoke of 28 speakers 4 subwoofers, all have been installed. Recording and audio system is completed. It will record minutes on USB storage drives.  Wireless microphones will be in use. Will need microphone runners to take microphones to the audience.

Ken – purchase of John Deere $25,000.  Old one is no longer able to be repaired. Money split between Golf and HOA vehicle funds. Will attempt to sell or auction the old vehicle.  Approved by board. Will be 3-4 months out for delivery once it is purchased.

Karen - president

Restrooms not cleaned up after activities/events justify fees for use.

Audience member suggested hiring of professional company in the event additional incidents of bodily waste cleanup needed after activity event or private event.  Karen will look into that.

Lawyer has 1 home in foreclosure.   522 Tivoli up for auction May 1st.  Nesbitt home has not come up in court system yet.  1728 Challenger, long term rental, owner contacted and some corrections have been made. Letters have gone out via Rules and Regs and some have responses have been received.

Audience member reports that a handicap scooter was stolen from home on Covent Garden. 

Karen – folks leaving for season, please secure and clean up items in the event of storms and hurricanes. Please fill out or update your green emergency forms. Forms are available tonight. Lastly, revised edition of rules/regs, covenants and bylaws available to pick up, must sign for them. One per household. Summer sessions to review, more sessions in the fall, will help session groups be smaller. With the input, will be able to revise and vote later in 2023.




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Karen - Clarification on Pool informational session, must have pool bottom done by next Health Dept visit or Park loses the use of pool for summer. Not a board meeting, an information sharing meeting.  Patch of pool would be only temporary.  Pool is Fiberglass, only 1-2 companies will touch it.  Gunite is what is used in Public pools now.  Fiberglass needs to be removed, sand and install Gunite.  Failure to do so may cause eventual cave in of pool.  Gunite not poured all at one time, cures in few days.  This can’t be done until Fall, because of rainy season.   Jeff - comments accepted and appreciated. Offers information from companies to resolve issue.   

Audience member, addresses complaints to a Director about variety of issues.

Audience member – Requests chair grant up to 10 minutes. Needs the time to address complaints to directors about pools and rules and regs.

Audience member –   Has had help to increase size of irrigation at dog park by community members. Thanked them.  Dog left a deposit at Veterans Memorial. Please pick up your dog waste.

Audience member asks 10% or $40 question on summer bingo proceeds. Response was 10% not to exceed $40.

January will be 4 open seats on board for next election hopes that many audience members will come forward to run for those seats.

Audience member claims working relationship with pool company, quote for $60,000 to bring it up to CCH pool. Thinks be good to use them.

Move to adjourn, seconded all agreed.