JANUARY 8, 2024

Attendees:  Tony Mahoney, Linda Sheerin, Elise Hersey, Ken Dobosz, Jeff Polston

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice-President Tony Mahoney

Pledge of Allegiance by all those attending.

Tony Mahoney indicated that we have a quorum.  He then introduced the monitor for the evening, Robin Harris and invited her to step up and take the mike.  Tony continued to announce that those wishing to make a motion or contribute to the meeting must use a mike and state their name before speaking.

Robin Harris introduced herself and informed all those present that we have a quorum of 271 and therefore can conduct the Homeowners meeting.  Robin repeated the rules of making a motion or addressing a motion, that is that the speaker must come to the mike, may only speak for 3 minutes and must begin by stating their name. Robin announced that the election committee has begun counting the votes and when the count was completed, an announcement would be made.

Secretary’s Report – A motion was made by Laurie Wares to accept the Secretary’s Report.  Marletta Frantal seconded the motion.

Robin Harris invited anyone to propose a motion with regards to the 2024 budget. 

Pat Hess made a motion for an explanation of the report of cash receipts and expenditures, a compiled financial statement or a reviewed financial statement for 2023 be made in lieu of an audited financial statement.  Seconded by Judy Berube. Robin invited discussion on the motion made. 

Charlie Pierson commented that he didn’t think the board was prepared for the meeting.

Seanna Bennet suggested that since everyone is confused about the budget as it did not contain the expenses for 2023 we run on the old 2023 budget until the new board discusses the budget and presents a new 2024 budget.

Mary Lou Maiellano agreed that some sort of audit take place but who will do the audit.  Rather than hire an auditor from outside the park, perhaps there is someone within our park who knew how to do the audit with others from the park present.

Richard Ackerman addressed Pat Hess’s motion.  He stated that if we pass this year’s budget or make a supplemental budget, things are at the point we would have to hire an outside auditor which would cost us several thousand dollars.  If we pass the motion that Pat Hess has put forward we can continue to use our financial accountant who will review our books and give us a detailed report.

Jim Hiss stated that we have a motion on the floor.  We have a second because Judy Berube seconded the motion.  Do we vote yes or do we vote no.  Jim Hiss asked for an explanation of what we are voting on.

Kathy Andrews suggested that we vote yes and accept the compilation of the budget to save the money an auditor would cost.

Robin Harris asked for a vote on Pat Hess’s motion.  The vast majority voted yes.  Pat Hess’s motion has passed.

Seanna Bennet made a motion to continue working on the 2023 budget and not accept the 2024 budget at this time. Margaret McNeish seconded the motion.

Robin Harris asked if there were any other discussions.

John Skumin proposed that we need to set a deadline in place to finish looking at the 2023 budget.

Rishard Ackerman spoke in favor of Seanna’s proposal as the budget is deficient. The budget must reflect the estimated revenues and expenses for that year (2023) and the estimated surplus and deficit for that year (2023) and that was not included in the materials that we received. 

Tom Brosius asked for clarification of which way we are to vote. 

Robin Harris asked for a vote on Seanna’s motion.  The vast majority voted yes. 

Paul Helmstetter moved that we establish a time frame that the new board report back in three months with a new proposed budget for 2024.  Alison Eadie seconded the motion.

Robin Harris asked for a vote.  It was an overwhelming yes vote.

Richard Ackerman made a motion for the HOA to hire a qualified Stormwater System Engineer to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our drainage system.  The engineer should investigate the root causes of the street flooding issues and determine whether the newly installed pipes are at the original design depth.  This investigation should also include an assessment of any potential deficiencies or areas for improvement in the existing stormwater management infrastructure. 

To ensure that the community stayed informed and engaged, I propose that the engineer’s finding and recommendations be presented in a detailed report no later than the April 8th, 2024 HOA meeting. 

The proposed timeline for the engineer’s investigation and report is as follows:

1.      The HOA Board should engage a qualified Stormwater System Engineer no later than January 31st, 2024.

2.     The engineer should conduct a thorough investigation of the street flooding issues and the newly installed pipes.  This investigation should be completed by March 18th, 2024

3.     The engineer’s findings and recommendations should be compiled into a comprehensive report and presented to the community.  This report should be made available to all homeowners by April 1st, 2024, ensuring that everyone have ample time to review the information before the April 8th, 2024 HOA meeting.

4.     The findings and recommendations should be a key agenda item at the April 8th, 2024 HOA meeting.  Homeowners can then engage in a meaningful discussion regarding the proposed solutions and collectively decide on the best course of action.

5.     The Board is authorized to spend up to $6,500 for the engineering service.

 Marletta Frantal seconded Richard Ackerman’s motion.

Gary Mohler commented that he understood Richard’s desire and added that we are in the middle of the county addressing some of the issues.  Hiring an engineer before that is completed will undermine what the county is doing.  We’ve discussed with the county about dredging the ponds and have been told that the ponds will just fill up more.  We really need to talk to those in charge of the swamp, namely the Southwest Florida Water Management District commonly called Swiftmud.  They are in charge of the swamp behind us where all the water drains to.  It doesn’t matter how deep the ponds are, if they fill up, the water will reverse into the pipes and we will be left with the same problem.  What needs to be done is put a push on Swiftmud to find a solution for our problem.

Tom Becker told us that while he was on the board during the years 2021 and 2022, the HOA asked their attorneys who is responsible for the ponds.  The answer came back that the HOA was responsible for the ponds.  Budget committee wanted quotes on what on engineer would cost to look at the problem.  Three proposals were put to the board.  We didn’t have the money to follow any recommendations.  However, we do have the three quotes and Tom Becker suggests that they are brought out to look at the suggestions made and use the three quotes to help us make decisions.

Richard Ackerman thanked Gary Mohler and Tom Becker for their comments and added that what was discussed by them is exactly the reason to bring an engineer in here.

Don Delle Donne agrees with other comments made and adds to get on Swiftmud to solve the problem as its their water.  Their water is backing up our water.

Charlie Pierson added that he had talked to the person in the county that is head of all the equipment and was told that the gardens will not be torn up.

Mary Lou Maiellano said that she spoke to the township and nothing will be done until letters have been sent to the homeowners and the gardens staked. 

Dirk Treur told us that he contacted Swiftmud and received a letter that indicated that county is only coming in to deal with the swales and that we need to talk with Swiftmud and we – Polo Park, will hire an engineer to deal with the flooding from the swamp.

Tom Becker answered Dirk that we have had Swiftmud into the park and have been told that the drains and swales will work in some parts of the park but there are no drains on certain roads.

Ken Dobosz replied to Tom Becker that there are drains on Piedmont Park.

Robin Harris asked for a vote on Richard Ackman’s motion regarding hiring the engineer.  The Yes votes were the majority with 158 votes. 

John Tormeo of 144 Jackson Park Ave asked if hiring a management committee can be approved by the board.

Tony Mahoney answered that the people of Polo Park must vote on it. 

John Tornio made a motion that we keep our decision the way it is.  No management.  Bob Oliveira seconded the motion.

Don Delle Donne has worked with management company’s and he told everyone not to consider a management company in here ever.

Robin Harris asked for a vote.  Motion passed.

Paul Helmstetter told us that he has been working on establishing a group of engineers that live in the park here to help out on a volunteer basis by reviewing projects to make sure they meet sound practices.  Paul made a motion to move that an engineer committee be formed to review all engineering decisions before hiring engineers.  Tom Brosius seconded.

Robin asked for a vote.  The response was overwhelmingly yes.

Jim Hiss commented that the Building and Grounds Committee would like an engineering committee.

Gina Punda made a motion in lieu of the vote for the engineer that the board ask the county work to be put on hold.  At this time based on other motions that have passed, this cannot be voted on.

Jeff Polston made a motion to accept the 2024 budget.

Robin responded to Jeff Polston saying that was a moot point.

Jeff demanded a second. 

William Stauch seconded the motion.

Daniel Basham motioned to table the motion.  Phil Brady seconded the motion.

Jim Hiss indicated that the motion had been made and passed so his motion was out of order.

Robin Harris then told us that we must vote on whether to table Jeff’s motion.  Tabling the motion means that we vote on it later.

Robin Harris asked for a vote on Jeff’s motion for accept the 2024 budget.  The vote was no.

Motion to close the meeting by Richard Ackerman.  Daniel Basham seconded.  

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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Linday Bailey (HOA Secretary)                               Wendy Mudd (Recording Secretary)