Polo Park HOA Meeting

December 11, 2023


Meeting called to order by Tony Mahoney.Board members present Tony Mahoney, Elise Hersey, Linda Sheerin, Jeff Polston,and Ken Dobosz.


Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tony Mahoney.Invocation was given by Mary Chaney.


Elise stated copies of minutes were given to board members.Elise made motion to accept minutes, seconded and passed.


The Treasurer's report was given by Linda Sheerin.

†††††† HOA:

††††††††† Bank Balance as of 10/31/2023††††††††† $220,513.27

††††††††† Deposits for month(Nov)††††††††††††††††††††† $ 17460.39

††††††††† Expenses paid for month(Nov)††††††††††† $113,553.32

††††††††† Bank Balance as of 11/30/2023†††††††††† $124,420.34


†††† Reserves Balance:

††††††††† CDís†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $151,172.21

††††††††† Money Market††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $205,542.99††††

††††††††† Total†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $356,715.20


††††† Accounts Receivable Report:

††††††††† In Lawyers hands†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $7,060.00

††††††††† 90 days past due††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $9,085.00

††††††††† % over 90 days3.12%

†††† Golf:

†††††††† Balance forward†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 13,271.72

†††††††† Deposits for Nov†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 19,864.74

†††††††† Expenses for Nov†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 21,966.10

†††††††† Bank balance 11/30/2023†††††††††††††††††††† $ 11,170.36


††††† Activities balance $46,287.30



Linda also reported 3 foreclosures and 4 went to the lawyer in the past 30 days.There are 23 accounts with some funds over 90 days.Jeff moved to accept treasurer's report as presented. Second and passed.


HOA proposed budget for 2024 was presented to board.Linda reminded people that budget will be mailed to all homeowners.If approved with a $5 per month increase in dues at end of year the HOA will have deficit of $26,070 and Golf will have a deficit of $21,670.Elise moved to accept proposed budget, second and passed


Activites balance was $45,000.Monies need to be spent or will be taxed at approximate rate of 21% federal and 5% state.To avoid taxes, the accountant suggested the monies be donated to the HOA using a different spreadsheet.Activities would still have their money just taking from a taxable situation to nontaxable.

Linda made motion to transfer Activitiesbalance (money) to HOA with different spreadsheet.Will save money on checks and on bank account.Motion second by Jeff.Passed.




Reels for mowers:Currently costs $300 to get reels sharpened.Person has 3 spare reels golf can purchase for $800 as spares.If we purchase these spare reels he will only charge $100 to sharpen because he can replace and take back and would not have to spend all day here sharpening reels.


Jim Rose is working on website for new Golf web page. Initial cost will be $230 for setup and then $30/ year to maintain.


New netting has been placed on the golf course and will be extending.No Smoking still and issue on patio.


Golf memberships will be increasing.Two new hires in proshop.

Request to replace a golf cart with money they have.Also have an AR mower that need replaced.Would like to put current AR mower out front to sell and replace with zero turn mower.Winter game applications will be accepted in pro shop.Must attach check to application, no cash will be accepted.Linda also added that forms will be available at office.


Ken made a motion to take the $5500 out of reserves for golf course to purchase a golf cart. Second and passed.Ken also made a motion to purchase 3 reels at cost of $300 for the Jacobson.Second and passed.



†††† Painting of CCH estimate of $13,292 to be done after pool refurbishment finished.Motion made and second.Discussion about when to do painting.Motion is made to have project done not when to have it done.Passed.

Committee would like to reline the tennis courts so that more people will be able to play pickleball.Clarification on painting lines on current concrete there.Ken made a motion to paint lines, second and passed.



†††† Two letters have been sent to the†† Hearing committee.Two fines were rescinded as homeowners have taken care of issues.The third one has fines of $700 as of today.Has been communication with committee but no resolution.Committee has asked two letters be presented to the board because they are ongoing for an extended period of time.Jeff questioned length of time and committee chair reported it has been over 2 years.Elise made a motion to accept and send to Hearing committee.Second and passed.Jeff asked to announce the date of hearing committee.The Hearing committee meets Dec. 27,2023 at 9 am at the BCH.

Elise emphasized that our HOA rules and regulations are according to Florida State Statute.



†††† Tony stressed that the ARC and Rules and Regsare working closely together.


POOL Committee

††† There was a bit delay on receiving check deposit but has not cause any delay in work being done.Projected start of project is second week in January.All documents are in place to begin work.Resurface not a complete rebuild so building permit not required.Projected time frame for work is 4-6 weeks.


CERTS.No Report



†††† Marcia Rockinson stressed residents to be alert.If you see something call the non-emergency number.

Flock camera contract has been signed and waiting for company to place camera.Only system connected to Polk County Sheriff Dept.




Capital Investment Fee: when properties transfer owners a fee assessed that goes into HOA.Decisions for this fee will be made by residents not board.Jeff emphasized that it is already structured to fit into our new documents.




County Swale Project: Meeting on Wednesday, Dec 13, 6-8pm.

This is a County Project not a Board project or HOA project.Thanks to Jim Rose for putting together slide presentation to inform residents about project.Linda pleaded with residents to attend to check on your property.Board cannot answer any questions.





††††† Committee will be responsible to contact homes that do not return forms listing who lives in the household.Forms will be in the newsletter.If no form is returned and committee members will personally contact home to gather information.For renters,†† owners need to let renters know.


Elise also reminded people to make sure they have an emergency contact form in office so that contacts can be made if an emergency happens.





Bob on Jackson Park.Questions who has access to meetings that are being recorded.Tony asked that meeting recordings be placed on Polo Park Facebook page.Second question concerns the storage of an RV that is stored in Compound.Questions why cannot have a key to access RV during hours compound is not open.


Capital Improvement fee use.Has to be used for improvement but would free up other monies for others. Jeff also points out that the Capital Improvement fee can be determined by the board every year. Can be adjusted up or down.


Carol R.Question about county swale project and helping with natural flow of water, who takes responsibility for ponds. We own ponds and maintain them.Question when should we start taking responsibility of dredging ponds?Tony suggests we wait to see results of the county swell project.


Marcia R. Challenger:Now that Activities fees are being absorbed into the HOA budget how are people getting reimbursed?Linda explained nothing is changing and money not being absorbed.Nothing will change.Next question concerns the Capital Improvement fee.It was stated it will not affect any current residents, but what if we purchase another home in park?Any new purchase will be assessed fee.


Brian, Challenger Ave:Said there was a need for 2 golf carts, why not purchase 2 and get a better deal?Response:we don't have the money for 2.

Bingo money only goes to CCH.


Bill S. Kensington Park:Capital Improvement fee or Estopple? State of Florida Congressman trying to pass law and tax it.


Tammy,Wade Park:People who inherit property, will they pay the Capital Improvement fee?Answer if the name is not on title/deed or in a trust, Yes.†† Census committee,You want to know who is living there not necessarily the owner's name.


Tammy asked for cookie bakers for next monthís meeting.


Someone questioned if a lock box might be an option.Tony suggested that it might not be feasible for only 19 spots.


Larry Tompkins:Question how the $1,000 for Capital Improvement Fee was determined.


Tony moved meeting to adjourn.




Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Auten