August 14, 2023

Attendees: Karen Grant, President; Shirley Hosner, Activities/Treasurer and Ken Dobosz (via telephone)

Absent: Tony Mahoney, Vice-President and Jeff Polston, Poo's

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Karen Grant, Board President.

The pledge of allegiance and prayer was led by Karen Grant, Board President.

Appointment of Board Vacancies: There are two openings due to the resignation of Howard

Biichle (Treasurer) and Mike Valdez (Secretary). Linda Sheerin has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer (this would be in place until the election of 2025). Shirley will be working with her to assume the role once the Board votes her in. In regard to secretary opening, the name will be given at a later date. Hopefully by the September meeting.

Karen Grant thanked Laurie, Joan and Tori for atl their hard work on taking on the coffee and chat on Thursday mornings this summer. She also thanked those who worked on the hot dog on Tuesday's (which has been canceled due to the heat). Also, thanked Rose for summer bingo.

Due to lack of quorum no official business will be held, this is an informal meeting to let residents know what has been happening in the park this summer.

Boulevard Clubhouse

      The roof, downspouts and gutters have been replaced. The County gave full approval.

      A/C stopped working on one of the three units so it were replaced by Vroom's. The new system was inspected and all is good.

Challenger Clubhouse

      While Vroom's was here, they also inspected the units, his response was "get ready".

Will need to replace system soon. It is currently running at full capacity. He did clean the

      Dishwasher is partially installed, they will come back and hook up.

      Closet has hole in wall so vendors can have easier access to plumbing, heating, etc. Golf course sprinkler system had problems with electrical panel. It is now fixed and sprinklers are now working.

Rules and Regulations

*       A lot of controversy has been going on at 1728 Challenger Avenue that has caused a lot of problems. Owners rented their house to a single man. He then brought in someone. He has since moved out without letting Polo Park know that he was no longer residing in the residence. Owner has contacted a lawyer and is trying to serve papers to the person staying in the house. Once served, that person has 30 days to vacate the property. In the meantime, the owner has hired Butch to clean up the property on Saturday's. In regard to 606 Challenger and 721 Polo Park Boulevard, Butch will also be cleaning their properties during the week. The cost will be added to the homeowners HOA dues.

*       One of the residents at 606 Challenger, is back in jail.

In regard to updated Florida statutes, the agenda has to be more detailed and posted, so if anyone has anything to add, please contact the office so it can be added. Flying of flags on flagpoles, according to the State, the American flag should be flown proudly, with the state or military flags below it. No other flags should be on the flagpole. The American flag should be the same size as other flags or bigger. The other flags should never be bigger than the American flag. No political flags or signs of any size or shape should be in on the flagpole or in your yard. Also, EMT's, First Responders, Fire Fighters flags can also be flown. Garden flags are acceptable.

A new form has been made more in-line of letters that are being sent out to homeowner's with things that need to be done in their yards/property. Remember, these letters are given out not to be harassment. They are just reminders; they do not go against you as a resident. Just trying to keep our community as nice as possible. These letters are not personal in any way shape or form.

*       Community Response form should be filled out by every new resident. These are needed in case we need to get ahold of somebody in the case of an emergency. Renters also should fill out this form. Current residents should update yearly to make sure information is up to date.


*       At last CAP meeting, the Detective told those present that they are having increased criminal activity at Posner Park. They suggest that no one goes alone, especially in the evening. Also, lock your car doors as they are peeking inside to see if there are any valuables. Please be cautious. Don't make it easy for the criminals.

*       A lot of new buildings are coming on 27. Crime could increase so lock your house and cars.


*       A meeting is scheduled for August 15th at 7pm in Boulevard Clubhouse. If anyone is interested in joining, please come to the meeting. They will be working on drills.

Sue M. asked how the new developments that's being built up front will be getting in and out of their places. Karen said that they development that's, being built in front of our park may create a new road into our main entrance. One option is to remove the two islands (owned by the County) at the front of our park. The other option may be coming straight out on 27 by ramp. This option would be very dangerous. The first option would be more safe. The development across the street could be making a new road so they come and go from 192.

Old Business

Pool Resurfacing, since there is no quorum this will have to be put on hold. Might have to schedule an emergency meeting. Would like to have this project underway by November.

Painting of Challenger Clubhouse, Dan talked to Mike Mackey to see how to proceed with this. Shirley has one more bid to take into consideration for $7,000.00. Also, we cannot paint on aluminum as it would peel off after a certain time. Rocks for common ground, checking on progress, finishing up details.

No parking signs (Kensington), contacted the County and they said that we can put the signs up legally. Reason for need is that businesses park there (i.e.: Xfinity, Frontier, etc.) while they are waiting for their next location.

Marletta F. asked if Linda Sheerin was now on the Board, why can't things get voted on. Karen explained that the Board has to vote to accept Linda on the Board and since there was not a quorum present, she is not on the Board. In the meantime, she has been going over things to get her a feel of the system.

Shirley gave the Treasurer's Report


Bank Balance June 30, 2023



Deposits July +



Invoices paid July -

25 417.27


Bank Balance July 31, 2023



Money Market




151 172.21





Balance Forward June 30,2023

$ 47,329.01


Deposits July +



Invoices paid July -



Bank Balance July 31, 2023

$ 50,060.81


Golf Course:

Bank Balance June 30, 2023

$ 11,775.65




Deposits July +





Invoices paid July -

9 215.10




Bank Balance July 31, 2023

$ 6,761.90


In regard to Reserves, lower due to costs of replacing air conditioner system ($9,000) and roof ($30,000). Activity money has to be spent by December 31%. Ideas for spending activity money are stones for common ground, shades for Challenger Clubhouse, covers for Bocce players and horseshoe players, doggy bags (which are to be used in emergencies only, you are supposed to bring your bags with you).

Karen is asking that no one is to walk their dogs on or around the Veteran's Memorial. This includes the grass around the memorial. Shirley said that more benches are needed around the Memorial area also. If anyone would like to donate, please contact Sam Harris. Sam also said that at this time the Veteran's Committee has roughly $9,600 in their fund. They will be auctioning basket's again during flag raising ceremony. They will start selling raffle tickets at the Bake Sale/Craft show. If anyone has any ideas for baskets, please contact Cindy. They will also be putting stones in. On 9/11 there will be a flag raising at the Veteran's Memorial to honor First Responders at 10:00am.

Lynda P. said that she will be having the bake sale again during carport sales. They will be accepting donations the night before or from 7am to 8am the morning of. They will start selling baked goods at 8:00am.

Shirley reported that there are 61 past dues that is a total of 8% of the residents. 5 total $8,665 that are in the process of being foreclosed. 10 total $3,945 which is 2 quarters past due. If not paid by October, they will be sent to attorney. 38 total $7,220 which is 1 quarter past due. If any resident is 90 days past due, they are not to use any of the facilities until they are paid up.

A projector is being requested for the new stereo system. It would be hung from the ceiling. Marcia Rockinson is spearheading this project. It can be used for functions/presentations.

There will be another power point presentation of the revised rules and regulations for those who did not come to the last presentation. It's this Wednesday, August 16th from 6pm to 8pm. Those that already attended are welcome to attend this meeting also. The changes that were made will be in yellow and the changes discussed at the last meeting will be in red. If there is enough time the Covenant's will be gone over also, if not another date will be scheduled.

Judy B. said that Walgreens will be coming on September 8th for flu shots, etc. This will be the first scheduled date for the coming year. More dates to follow.

at end of the driveway, it would be a very costly endeavor.

A resident asked if Vinnie, who had previously ran for the Board and did not get enough votes, could be on the Board. Karen said it doesn't have to be someone who ran for the board, it is up to current board to appoint someone and vote them on the board.

Walt G. asked about the fairways on the golf course, why they haven't been mowed. Ken D. said that due to sprinkler system being down, they could not mow because the grass on the fairways would burn up. Since system is back and running, fairways will be mowed going forward.

Judy B. asked when Business Expo is and was told in January. If anyone knows of any business they would like to come or had a good experience with, please let Marcia R. or Karen G. know so they can contact them.

Rose R. told those present that the Italian Ice Cream Truck would tike to come back. Also, Snow Cone truck would like to come back. Just don't schedule on the same day. The Monsta Lobsta truck is coming back.

Charles P. announced that there will be horseshoe tournaments in December, January and March if anyone is interested, please contact him. $36.00 sign-up fee. This tournament is advertised in National Horseshoe Tournament website. 28 people are needed for each tournament. There may be a tournament in November, not sure yet.

Ron B. use to work for the golf course and he offered to save $9,000.00. He gave his daily journal of what he did every day to Dave M. and Ken D. He said the current people are not doing their jobs. Said there are branches laying on cart path for over 2 weeks and still not picked up. Seems all they do is ride up and down the road. They need to do their job. Karen G. gave her personal opinion (not as a board member) that the golf course is looking the worse it ever has. Trying to talk with them is difficult when they are away. Once they are back. (one in September, the other in October) will have face to face. Ron would like to be included. Charles P. said hole 5 looks good to him, the horseshoe area looks good also.

The meeting ended at 8:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Husted, Recording Secretary