DECEMBER 13, 2021

ATTENDANCE:  Karen Grant, Shirley Hosner, Tom Becker, Vinny McCrave, Jim Glynn, Gary Mohler,  Dave Murosky, Pat Hess

Call to order:  Karen Grant

Pledge of Allegiance:  All People

Prayer:  Judy Berube

Secretary Report:  Tom Becker read the previous minutes from November meeting.  He touched on the important items that were on the minutes.

Treasurer Report:  Shirley Hosner reported that there are people that are overdue with HOA dues.  This amounts to $12,054.  If dues are not paid and up-to-date, you will not be able to vote in the upcoming election.    She also said that all activity funds must be spent in order to avoid paying taxes on money.  The following is the schedule of things that are happening here in Polo Park:  

 December 19th        -           Caroling at 6:00 PM.

                        December 20th          -           Magic Show with Todd

                        December 24th          -           Christmas Eve Service 6:00 PM. Challenger

                        January 9th                -           Cookie Social and Games offered here in park

                        January 17th              -           Business Expo

                        January 22nd             -           Dinner Dance

                        January 31                -           Winter Games Begin

Raffle for Dues to be paid for one year – January 10th

February will bring the Valentine Day Dance. 

Need Cookies (2 dozen per person) for December 19th.  This will be served after Christmas Caroling along with hot chocolate.






The following is the Financial Reports:

Bank Balance October 31, 2021                           $169,571.11

Deposits November                                                 $    6,160.00

Invoices Paid in November                                    $  74,616.49

Bank Balance November 30, 2021                       $101,114.62



Money Market                                                           $181,475.73

CD’S                                                                          $151,159.01

Bank Balance                                                           $334,634.74



Balance Forward October                                       $ 22,495.21

Deposits November                                                 $   6,834.57

Invoices Paid November                                         $   4,075.06

Bank Balance November                                        $  25,254.72

 has been given for new Boulevard door.  Money donated for exercise room for awning.  Chapel gave $400. for new Christmas tree, $500. To Sunshine Village, $500.  They also give $500. To Food Bank and $100. A month to Food Bank as well.


Shirley asked that the financial report be approved.  Karen made the motion to approve and Dave Murosky second.  Budget was approved by the Board.









Dave Murosky reported that rates will be going up as of January 1st. 


Balance Forward October 31, 2021                                  $14,541.99

Deposit November                                                               $13,881.33

Invoice Paid November                                                       $16,422.18

Bank Balance 11/30/2021                                                  $12,001.14


Rates will be increasing 5%.  Outside players will be increased 20%.  Residents that live in the park will receive a 20% discount on items in the Pro Shop. Dave asked the Board  to accept the new rates, Shirley Hosner made the motion and Gary Mohler second the motion.  The Board approved.

Dave reported that some of the projects done on the course was the lengthening of tee boxes.  The sod for these to be done was donated from the Poker Run, Thursday Golf, PIPPS.  Also new batteries were bought for two of our carts and also, chargers were purchased.  Leftover money was used for fertilizer and seed for the course.  A huge “THANK YOU”  to all that contributed to purchasing these items.

As you know, the Pro Shop  is in charge of selling tickets to all functions here in the park.  We are asking all committee’s to have one of their people off their committee help sell tickets, if it is a large line item, for at least the first day of sales.  The ladies in the Pro Shop try to keep up with it, but sometimes it gets to be a lot and they have more than they can handle.

Dave Murosky asked that the board accept the payment of the bills.  Karen Grant motioned that the bills be approved for payment and Shirley Hosner second the motion.  Board approved the payment.


Building & Grounds:  Tom Becker said the inspector will be coming to look at the new door on the Boulevard clubhouse building.  The door was paid for by Lynda Poteracki and her Polo Park Strong Committee.

Roof on Challenger has been patched several times.  We brought an inspector in to look at it and see what we needed to do.  He reported, we need a new roof.  Insulation is starting to come down.  Rain spouts and eves need to be repaired/replaced.  Full report is at the office if anyone wants to read it.  The Boulevard roof has another 3 to 5 years before replacement.  It does need eves and rain gutters repaired.

We are still working on the pipes surrounding the clubhouse.  A lot of repair on game courts, such as bocci courts, shuffleboard, tennis/pickleball, etc.


President’s report:  Karen Grant said 165 Jackson Park home will be going up for sale/auction to the public.  Two more homes are in the process of soon being up for sale/auction.  Food pantry run by Linda Fern and Lynda Potaracki.  This information as to who they are helping should be kept private.  There are a couple people helping out with food, but this is not part of the HOA.

Pro Shop – The amount of people buying tickets is sometimes huge.  We are asking that on the first day of selling tickets for events, that someone off the committee who is selling tickets help in the sales.  Also, activity bands and keys for clubhouses can now be given out at the office when filling out contact report.

Karen asked that Jim Hiss help her in organizing the workshop.  The Business Fair Expo now has 17 companies signed up.

Audit – Karen brought this to our lawyer, he said no we are not required to have an audit because we have an accountant that goes over our books on a regular basis. 

Karen said the office needs to be more accountable and the filing system need to be more organized.  This will be looked into.

Mr. Green will be out on January 10th to power wash the Challenger clubhouse from top to bottom.  Also, the floors will be done at the beginning of the year by a professional.


Karen asked that the meeting be adjourned.  Tom Becker second this motion and meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patricia Hess, Recording Secretary