JANUARY 9, 2022


ATTENDANCE:  Karen Grant, Shirley Hosner, Tom Becker, Vinny McCrave, Jim Glynn, Gary Mohler,  Dave Murosky, Pat Hess, Richard Ackerman, Election Committee Members

Call to order:  Karen Grant

Pledge of Allegiance:  All People

Prayer:  Marcia Rockinson

Introduction of Richard Ackerman, who was in charge of the election committee, was made.  Richard explained the procedure of the election and the election committee, and all members were asked to vote YES/NO on the budget that was presented to them for the year of 2022. Then, he turned the floor over to open microphone for anyone who wanted to speak and discuss the budget.

Nancy Scott:  Had a committee that raised money and the money was distributed as $1,000. for the pools, $500. For the floor in the Challenger clubhouse and there should have been $500. left.  Shirley Hosner answered by saying that Kathy at the office pulled up the paperwork and it is at the office for Nancy to look at.

NormanAgostinno – Asked if there would be an increase in dues.  Karen Grant said yes there possibly would be. However it was up to the homeowner’s approval as to whether this would happen or not.

George Crandol – Why are we asking for an increase?  Are we going to have increases every year? Karen Grant said she could or could not say whether we would have another increase next year.  Things are starting to get old in the park. They need to be replaced.  We went thru the Covid situation and the increase on building materials went sky high.  The roof needs repair on both clubhouses, but mostly on the Challenger clubhouse. The courts need to be resurfaced, this includes bocci, tennis/pickleball, and shuffleboard.  The pools need repairs, the air conditioners are old, etc.  All of this cost money and that is why we are asking for increase. The increase is not something we take lightly, we realize that this may create a hardship for some people.

Mike Phaile: We have money in the reserves, why do we need money?  Shirley explained that the by-law says we have to fund and keep 5% of the value of the clubhouses in the reserves at all times for insurance purposes.  The health department and county need to approve any work done.  Tom Becker added, we operate on a daily budget.

Jeff Polston:  Reserves are governed by the Florida Statues, each individual item has to be separate.  The roof needs replacement and Jeff will be happy to help with the replacement/repair of the roof.  Jeff is in this business for many years and knows how to do this kind of thing.  Tom Becker reported that we did have a commercial inspector out to look at the roof and the report for this is in the office for anyone to look at.

Karen LaBriola: Asked where does the money made on hot dogs go?  Marion Geake said it is distributed to several different projects in the park.

Gary Mrowka: He had attended the budget meeting and it was very light with people.  He suggested that we change the fee for new people moving into the park from a $20.00 fee to a $1,000. Onetime fee.  Karen Grant said the attorney said this is not permitted, you cannot have two classes,  We could get into a lot of trouble doing something like this, there was a community that tried to do this and ended up in court and paying an enormous amount of money.

Everett O’Brien:  We should be happy that our HOA dues are so low, there are some places that have $2700. For HOA dues.  Some are even more.

Paul Guilmette: We have 718 homes, we have inflation going on and Polo Park East is paying $129 a month.  We are right on track right now.

Jim Gurney: Asked if we could give percentages as to where the money is going?  Does not like the golf course and feels it needs to be done away with.

Dave Murosky: During the pandemic the course was allowed to be used for riding and walking, but now it has once again become an official golf course that is written into our by-laws and Covenant as a part of Polo Park.  It is an activity just like the courts, pools and other things here in the park and should be supported as such.

George Crandol: Is the golf course self-sustaining?  Dave Murosky said for past years it has been self-sustaining, then the pandemic hit and we had to rely on the money from the HOA, but we are back on track and starting to do well again.  The money has always been a part of our budget to support the golf course, if needed, just like the other activities here in the park.

Carol Young:  The golf course adds to the value of our homes.

Tony Mahoney:  Volunteering here in the park will save money.  Just like the men get together on Wednesday’s to help with trimming, etc.  Volunteers are what keeps our community low on HOA fees.

Charlie Pearson:  This is a great park to live in.  It has a lot to offer. 

Linda Hockensmith: If we all help by volunteering, we can reduce the cost.

Michael Bosomworth:  We lived in Vista Del Lago for a while, when we moved in the cost was $235.  When we moved it was up to $630. a month.

Richard Ackerman closed the open discussion and called for a vote on the budget.  The budget was voted on with a YES or NO card for an increase of $10. Per month.

There were 186 YES votes and 48 NO votes.

The budget increase was approved by the community.

Ken Dobosz announced the winners of the HOA raffle.

Winners:        Paul Bricker of 529 Challenger

                        Frank Libbi of 304 Jackson

Richard Ackerman announced the new Home Owners Association board of directors.

Karen Grant, Shirley Hosner, Tony Mahoney, Ken Dobosz were voted in as new board members.

Meeting Adjourned by Richard Ackerman

















JANUARY 9, 2022

Attendees:  Karen Grant, Jim Glynn, Tom Becker, Tony Mahoney, Shirley Hosner, Ken Dobosz, Vinney McCraw, Recording Secretary Pat Hess

Meeting opened:   By Jim Glynn

All members of the new board took their positions accordingly.

President          -           Karen Grant

Vice-President          -           Jim Glynn

Treasurer                   -           Shirley Hosner

Secretary                   -           Tony Mahoney

Building/Grounds     -           Tom Becker

Rules & Regs.          -           Tony Mahoney

Architectural             -           Jim Glynn

CERTS                      -           Vinney MCCrave

CAPS                         -           Karen Grant

Golf                             -           Ken Dobosz

Activities                    -           Shirley Hosner

Secretary Report:  Annual report was given by previous secretary Tom Becker.  He asked that the minutes as presented to the board be approved, the board approved.

Tom Talked about the new door on the Blvd. clubhouse.  It has been replaced, the locks have to be worked on yet, but it should be done soon.

Polo Park Golf Course:  Ken Dobosz reported the following:

Bank Balance 11/30/2021                          -           $12,001.14

Deposits                                                        -           $14,544.29

Invoices Paid                                                $13,544.33

Bank Balance 12/31/2021                          -           $13,001.10

Ken also mentioned that the Golf Committee would be having a “ham” dinner on March 12th.

Ken asked for a motion to accept the golf course report, Jim Glynn made to motion to accept and Tom Becker 2nd the motion.  All approved.

Architectural Review: Jim Glynn said most of the arc reviews were for painting of homes.  Not much else going on.

Rules & Regulations: Karen Grant reported that a PowerPoint presentation will be presented to the people of Polo Park to show the new changes made.  The membership must approve of the changes.  Tony Mahoney will be taking this over.

CERTS:  No activity at this time.

New Business:  Any new board members who have not taken the Certification Class must do so, and, certificate must be obtained

Treasurer Report:  Shirley Hosner reported the following Financial Reports:

Bank Balance November 30,2021            $101,114.62

Deposits December                                                 $  24,443.56

Invoices Paid in December                                    $  33,672.07

Bank Balance December 31, 2021                       $  91,886.11


Money Market                                                           $182,020.15

CD’S                                                                          $151,159.01

Bank Balance                                                           $333,179.16


Balance Forward November                                  $ 25,254.72

Deposits December                                                 $   5,913.00

Invoices Paid December                                         $  15,915.08

Bank Balance December                                        $  15,252.64

Activity Money:  $10,270 has been earmarked for special projects.

There are 15 HOA late payment of dues, two foreclosures, 3 HUD houses.

Shirley asked for a motion to approve the financial report and bills to be paid.  Karen made the motion to approve and Ken Dobosz second.  Budget and payment of bills was approved by the Board.

Karen Grant reported that at the end of the month 165 Jackson Park home will be going up for auction.  This should happen between January 26th -30th.

Also, a reminder, the business expo will be held on January 17, 2022 and want to thank the Polo Park Strong committee for donating 50 free Polo Park bags to the first 50 people that arrive. The Expo will be held from 11:00 AM. To 1:30 PM. with lunch being served at a reasonable cost.

Tom Becker made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Tony Mahoney second the motion.  Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Patricia Hess, Recording Secretary