>>> Did you know you can help Polo Park enhance its beauty and livability, AND maintain your property values? It starts with knowing our HOA, covenants and restrictions, and your part when making any material changes

to your property. These changes may include: painting any part of your exterior home or driveway, concrete or masonry work, including pavers, or block pavers, changes to carport or carport roofs, replacement of windows,

 doors, or roofs, any new additions, repairs, or new enclosures, Sheds and their placement, fences for flowerbeds, and decorative walls for flowerbeds. Any changes to the exterior of your home and property must be

approved by the ARC, which is short for architectural review committee. Fill out a form found in the Boulevard clubhouse and leave with the office personnel. The committee meets about once a week to go over all request

for approval.


>>> We know that in the past many projects done by homeowners were not in line with our covenants and restrictions. We are trying to change that by being careful to follow them now and in the future. The board and all

homeowners are in the process of amending our current covenants and restrictions and we hope all homeowners will be responsible and respectful to follow them. By working together as a community in compliance with

 these guidelines, Polo Park can keep its natural beauty and we will maintain our great property values!

>>> Thank you! ARC Committee


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